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April 2, 2016

Salt-Water Cowboy Drive-Out

Saturday, April 2, 2016, the Volusia County Corvette Club had a drive-out to Saltwater Cowboys in St. Augustine, Florida.

We met at Lowe’s in Deland and left at 2:30 pm with 16 cars in our caravan. We turned off 92 at Marsh Road and took the back roads up SR 11 and Highway 1 through Palm Coast and A1A through Crescent Beach.

We arrived a little bit early but they opened the bar for us and we all had a chance to visit before we went into the restaurant. The food and fellowship was fantastic. I think we ended up with 34 eating, definitely one of our largest groups ever. Half of us stopped at the great ice cream shop in Flagler on the way back for some dessert.

Thanks, Buzz, for putting up with all of us. You do a great job and thanks to everyone for coming out. It was a great day.

Deb Prock

March 12, 2016

Reliving a part of History

Saturday morning, March 12, 2016 and 11 VCCA members along with 3 guests pulled out of Lowe's parking lot headed for Titusville and the Tico Warbird Air Show.

The flying part didn’t get going until 1:00pm, so we walked around and took some photos of the static aircraft (that’s a technical term for sitting on the ground). Aircraft from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and our current conflicts were featured. Everything from an early 1900’s tri-plane, a Korean era Mig 15, the P-51 Mustang all the way up to today’s state of the art F-16 including a Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornet.

The show began with about a dozen area recruits taking the Oath of Allegiance to join the U.S. Air Force. It was quite a moment for them.

The weather did cooperate for the most part. At times it was hot and sunny, but there was ample cloud cover so nobody got really red. Most people, including me were seen using sun screen, very good idea.

As the show progressed the MC informed the crowd on the type of aircraft we were viewing as well as the background of the pilots putting them through their maneuvers. The last part of the show was very moving. It was a tribute to the men and machines past and present and had a P-51 Mustang flying in formation with an F-16 fighter. Of course the P-51 flew at full speed and the F-16 had to slow down (a lot). They made several passes over the crowd who showed their appreciation.

After the show we left for one of the greatest spots in Florida for seafood... Dixie Crossroads also in Titusville. Starting off with the best corn fritters to be found anywhere, followed by some shrimp, salmon or my favorite, Rock Shrimp.

All-in-all it was another great drive-out and a good time was had by all.

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

March 5, 2016

1st Vette Show of the Year

Tom Gibbs Chevrolet in Palm Coast hosts a great "Chevrolet Display" every year. This show is open to all that is Chevy. Basically a few Camaros, some SSR's but mostly Corvettes. Saturday, March 5th was this year’s date and it was not a disappointment. Approx. 135 cars in total with 115-120 being Corvettes. The day started off cool but warmed up quite nicely. Warm and sunny enough to turn my (pale) legs and face a bright, and somewhat painful, shade of red.

Thanks to the High School tennis team and two Girl Scout Troops there were plenty of hot dogs, cold drinks, donuts to go around with lots of those famous cookies for desert.

After the trophies were awarded and the 50/50 was drawn (which nobody from V.C.C.A. won) we headed to A-1-A and a favorite eatery for lunch. Oceanside Grill was the destination for some great food as well as a fine view of the Atlantic Ocean right across the street.

Fully fed and ready for a nap we decided it was time to head home and call it a day. Once again a good time was had by all who attended.

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

November 23, 2015

The Giving Continues

In February of 2010, the Volusia County Corvette Association was formed as a group intent on giving back to our community by supporting local charities. We have had a couple of main charities in past years with The Neighborhood Center of West Volusia as our main focal point for the last few years.

The Center offers a wide variety of assistance to those in need including; emergency housing for individuals and families, food pantry, bill and job assistance as well as a thrift store on site.

On Monday, November 23rd, eight Corvettes carrying ten V.C.C.A. members arrived at the Neighborhood Center to present a $2,000.00 donation on behalf of the almost 60 Club Members. Pictured are the V.C.C.A. members as well as the Center’s Director of Development, Norma Walter, accepting the check from V.C.C.A. Past President Chuck Powers.

Other groups receiving donations, also delivered by our Members, include the Domestic Abuse Council of Volusia County, DeLand Y.M.C.A., Good Samaritan Clinic in DeLand and the Hart to Heart Breast Cancer Foundation (which is run by the New Smyrna Speedway). The Hart to Heart Foundation will receive their donation at a later date during a ceremony on the track before the race program begins.

Our growing membership will allow the V.C.C.A. to continue their charitable contributions into 2016 and beyond.

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

July 31, 2015

Laura Bruck
Dec. 22, 1952 - July 09, 2015

On July 9, 2015 the Volusia County Corvette Association lost one of its finest members. Laura Bruck, wife of Mike Bruck, was a charter member and active in all aspects of the Club. She had a neat sense of humor and a knack for putting out some great food when Mike held one of his "Garage Crawls". Laura fell ill while traveling north for a gathering of Pontiac enthusiasts in Wisconsin.

On Friday July 31st, a memorial service was held to celebrate the life of Laura Bruck. There were 80-90 people in attendance (the last count I heard was 88). Friends, neighbors and co-workers shared stories and there was an array of photos depicting her life and times. Our Club was better because she was a member. She will be missed dearly by all.

Laura will not be forgotten.

May 30, 2015

Hey man...where’s my checkered flag & trophy!!!

Our best turn out yet at New Smyrna Speedway, 16 Corvettes and 22 members and guests made the journey out S.R.44 to the track on another great evening of fun and excitement.

The weatherman cooperated and kept the temperature down and the Bud Lites were only $1.00 before the races started. We didn’t need the beer to keep ourselves cool, but we drank some anyway (’cause you never know!).

Christine Cartwright had a young guest riding along in her Vette, Greg Wolfe brought along his next door neighbor and Buzz Gunn had his daughter, Nora, up from Tampa as his co-pilot. Everyone else was either with or without their significant others.

The parade laps were a little different tonight. It included some race cars in the formation in memory of the gentleman who built them. He passed away earlier this week. It was also "Harley-Davidson Night", so a bike from Bruce Rossmeyer in New Smyrna was also in the line-up.

We started around the track but the National Anthem didn’t play, so we made another circuit around the oval...then they gave us the GREEN LIGHT and we were off once again to set our marks as some of the greatest racers of this, or any other, century (well, in our minds anyway!).

As is customary, the slower and under-powered Vettes as well as some first-timers, took to the inside line. I had a few cars in front of me, but I was laser-focused on one thing, Mike Bruck’s ’64 roadster.

He kept pulling away on the straights, as he should, but couldn’t hold it down through the corners, that’s where I caught him. For some reason he didn’t have the traction he had on previous days. I barely kept ahead of him, but was constantly looking for Bob Yelle in his C7 to make a charge (he started in the back of the pack). So now you know why I was looking for the flag & trophy. lol (that’s "laugh-out-loud" for you non-texters).

The feature was 100 laps, but the best race (aside from ours) was a prelim in which one of the favorites started in the back, but caught up and had a side-by-side finish with the leader. We had to wait for official results, but almost everyone thought he had won. He came in second by probably an inch or two, but what a great finish that was.

Another great turn-out and another great time for V.C.C.A. and we all need to thank New Smyrna Speedway owner Mr. Bob Hart and his General Manager Ms. Kimberly Brown.

Let’s try for 20 Vettes next time out. Where were you anyway?? Until then let’s...

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

April 18, 2015

Some people reacted differently than others!! (ya think??)

Once again the V.C.C.A. gathered up and drove out to the New Symrna Speedway for another fun-filled evening of showing off our rides and thrilling the throngs of spectators with our driving skills, or lack of the same.

Last month we started the parade with the older Vettes in the front. This time we put Mike Bruck’s ’64 roadster in the rear and made him work his way to the front of the pack which didn’t take long. Larry Skinner and Deanna Skinner drove "Old Leaky" to the inside A.S.A.P. because that’s where the slower cars go. Once on the bottom they maintained a safe and prudent 50-55 m.p.h. as did Nancy and Dave Quinn.

I only glance at my speedo once or twice and it was over 70 m.p.h. and I don’t know if I ever did get over 75. The only thing I do know is that I started in the fourth row and the only person the "Purple People Eater" couldn’t pass was Mike Bruck. I was keeping up but couldn’t overtake him.

My wife, Chris, took the ride around the track this trip, she probably won’t do it again though. I’m thinking the same goes for Deb Prock judging from the look of sheer terror on her face. Everyone else seemed to fare O.K.

We did have one casualty though, Jim Moss lost a radiator. The plastic tank on his ’07 Coupe developed a 4" crack and started squirting fluid. Even as I write this commentary he is busy replacing it with a new one which has a steel tank. All-in-all that’s not real bad for an 8 year old Vette. Maybe it’s the radiators in these things. Several weeks ago Tom Chess had a leaking problem on his ’02 Roadster and a clogged radiator caused the untimely demise of the engine in my ’87 a Roadster of years back. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

Looks like we all enjoy this event and we will probably do it again next month, until then...

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

March 25, 2015

151 Miles and 5 1/2 Hours Later...

Another great turn-out for the V.C.C.A. of 23 members, 2 guests, 12 Corvettes and 1 Firebird. Our destination on this fine Wednesday morning was the Mission Inn.

Located in Howy-in-the-Hills this is NOT your average seafood joint on the water, oh-no, far from it. The architecture kind of reminds you of an old mission, maybe that’s where the name came from...ya think?! The atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice. A pretty good buffet was served and I think most took advantage of it. A variety of Salad makings, cole slaw that I heard was really good and one of my favorites a very good 3-bean salad. These starters along with some good steaks, B-B-Q-Ribs and a variety of entrees made for some good eating, not to mention some deserts also.

Anyway we met at 10:00a.m. and started out and wouldn’t you know it, we got separated at the get-go. That’s right, only two Vettes got out of the drive together, but we gathered the herd in again and drove on. Another nice drive-out and once again we all arrived at our destination together.

After lunch we sat around and B.S.ed for a while then headed off to the obligatory stop up-the-road-a-piece (that’s country talk) to the Yalaha Bakery. Just walking into that place will put three pounds on you and raise your blood-sugar ten points!

I stuck to my self-imposed dietary restrictions and only eyeballed every delicious looking pastry in the place. There were éclairs, cookies, cakes, pies and a variety of great smelling breads to be had. Almost everyone took something to shoot holes in whatever diet they may have been on. I say "good for you!"

As the blacktops of Sumter, Lake and Volusia Counties rolled under our vehicles, which at this point were carrying slightly more weight than before, we headed back through more lightly traveled back roads. We saw lots of cows and wild flowers as we drove through Bevills Corner and Center Hill (never heard of ’em!). We turned off some road onto C.R. 567 which turned out to be like "The Loop" up North. It was like driving through a tunnel of trees in some spots, pretty neat.

Somewhere around Taveres, Mascotte City, or Groveland we did a pit stop at a place called Bean Street Coffee Co. for gas and some bottled water. As we drove on from there we started to splinter a bit. Some got caught by lights and some took a more direct route home. At one point a few of us who were bringing up the rear had been held up by sand hill cranes crossing the road, you know how slow they can be.

All-in-all it was another fun drive-out, good food and good people and another chapter in the "V.C.C.A. Book of Adventures". Let’s all continue to...

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

March 21, 2015

Look out NASCAR here we come!!

With visions of diving into turn 3, passing on the inside and bump-drafting down the straight-away, 14 Corvettes made their way around New Smyrna Speedway on Saturday evening, 3-21-15.

We had 21 members and guests present as we paraded around our local 1/2 mile ashphalt track. In an effort to "get our Club out there" the V.C.C.A. has been doing more great events of this type. There is no better way to promote than have a good time at a good event.

The weather really cooperated with partly cloudy skies to keep the temps down with no threat of rain.

The track is local so we didn’t have a long drive which meant very few lights and we all managed to arrive at the same time. Driving in wasn’t the best thing consider- ing the dust factor after many of us spent a lot of time cleaning our pride and joy. We lined up for the parade laps according to age with the oldest going first, sorry about that Mike B., I should have said the oldest Vette. We sat on the front stretch as each car and it’s owners were acknoweleged, including the two in row eight who weren’t even there. As our National Anthem played we followed behind the tracks pace car (a nice Challanger) and emergency vehicles. We did a lap or two under the red light, then as the track crews pulled off the light went yellow leaving us alone on the track.

As the track went GREEN, off we went. The track was ours to do with as we seen fit...and we did just that. A lot of cameras were going off in the stands as the race fans cheered for their favorite car and /or driver. Larry Skinner made it plain that as we went "green for go", he was going for the inside lane to get out of everyones way! In the end, nobody traded paint or left a "Darlington Stripe" on the wall but we sure as heck had of a lot of fun taking the corners, getting on it down the straight aways and trying to overtake the Vette in front of us.

We only goofed up once. When asked if we wanted to do 2 or 3 laps, it was up to us. Someone said 5 laps. Doug Prock said that next time we ask for 15 laps. As we sat in the stands to watch the real racers go at it in the feature races our crowd started to thin out gradually. Some had to put their cars to bed, others to put themselves to bed (Hey, after all it was after 8 p.m.).

The event was a massive success and we need to give special thanks to Lou for his efforts putting this together as well as the managment of New Smyrna Speedway. It is my understanding that we may be doing this again. I urge all members who attended and all members who didn’t to do so next time. You will surely not regret it.

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

March 14, 2015

A Beautiful day for an Air Show

The Volusia County Corvettes Assn. met at Lowe’s in Orange City Saturday (pi day) for a Drive-Out to Titusville for the Tico Warbirds Air
Show. Eight cars took the scenic Lakeshore Drive in Deltona, along Lake Monroe, over to SR415, down to a pit stop at Race Trac. We followed Hwy. 46 and I-95 to Cracker Barrel in Titusville for brunch before heading for the airport. It was a beautiful, warm day, partly cloudy and breezy. After walking around touring the old War Birds and the many commercial booths, we enjoyed the air show,including the Flag Jump, Leap Dogs Parachute Team, Jet Car Race, Aerobatic Performance, F-86 Demo, Christen Eagle Aerobatics, Liaison Observation & Trainers, Texan Demo, Bombers & Fighters, P-51 Performance, Red Baron vs Snoopy, Vietnam & Korea, Rescue at Dawn, F-104 Starfighter, and the awesome U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds Jet Demo Team. Afterwards most of the members enjoyed dinner at Dixie Crossroads.

Deb Prock

Feburary 24, 2015

A Good Time Was Had By All...

Dan and Jessica only had to drive about two miles for the Volusia County Corvettes Social on Tuesday at the Blackwater Inn in Astor. About 30 people showed up for dinner, which is one of the best turn-outs ever. The food was great and the fellowship awesome. It’s always fun to see so many Corvettes in a parking lot.

Deb Prock

Feburary 21, 2015

As some of you may know, not everyone in the V.C.C.A. is retired. That is one of the reasons we did our drive-out early Saturday instead of a breakfast. Eaton Beach in Weirsdale was our destination of choice.

We did have kind of a weird caravan (we were in Weirsdale), it consisted of nine Corvettes, one Cadillac and one Firebird. My "Purple People Eater" is still being painted and Larry drove the Firebird. I know...it’s not a Vette but for a Pontiac it is a nice looking car. I asked him if he was trading it in on a new C-7. He said no but he is going to get a new Harley so I guess it’s O.K. We ended up with 15 members and four guests. David and Georgie were in their Atomic Orange Vette and Larry and Sandy were wrapped up in a silver Pontiac Firebird. David said he plans on joining the Club.

We actually arrived before 11:00a.m. so the restaurant wasn’t open yet. I don’t know how we got there early because all I heard over the walkie-talkie was Buzz asking Lou if something was wrong with his car because it was so slow!! I accused Darrell of wearing his "Fuzzy Bunny Slippers". It seemed he couldn’t get his Vette up to speed either.
Now let’s talk about the food and the service...It was REALLY GOOD!!

Now let’s talk about the drive back. Thanks once again to Buzz and his ever boundless knowledge of the "back way to get there". It can best be described in two words...WOW!! We were on roads so desolate that people who live there don’t even know where they are!

I’m sure everyone is waiting for our next outing. Stay tuned into our website, volusiacorvettes.com. Don’t forget to add the s or you will never get there! Visit our event calander for updates and...

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers

P.S. Somehow it skipped my mind because I hardly noticed. There was a Beach Volley Ball Tourney on the beach which included some young ladies in Bikinis. As if any of the guys even knew it was going on. Some of the ladies checked out the guys also.

January 19, 2015

Another Beautiful Day in Central Florida...

And the V.C.C.A. took full advantage of it with our first drive-out of the New Year. Under the careful guidance of Buzz Gunn, 11 gorgeous Corvettes loaded to the max with 22 members headed out from Lowe’s in DeLand. We drove the lightly traveled two-lane roads of Vlousia and Flagler Counties.

After about an hour of great scenery we arrived at our destination, the Tomoka River Grill on U.S.1 in Ormond Beach. Under a cloudless sky we parked our "pride & joys" in a neat row in the black-top lot and went in to eat. Everything on the menu looked good enough to eat (joke). The clam chowder was good and Deb Prock had a fish rueben that looked big enough for two or three. Doug offered some help and between the two of them it was almost gone.

We gathered in the parking lot after lunch for some photos. The owner of the restaurant asked us to e-mail him some photos so he could put us on his web-site.

Needing some dessert, the caravan headed out to Flagler Beach and Sally’s Ice Cream. They started out for the Waffle Cone, but it was closed on Mondays. A trip around "The Loop" was thrown in for good measure and a drive down Halifax Road allowed scenery that some of us may have not seen before.

Some of us had other events scheduled and couldn’t continue. Tom Chess had other concerns. Leaving the restaurant he noticed liquid flowing from beneath his Vette. It turned out to be a leaky hose and he returned home without the help of power steering, should have been a good workout for him.

Larry & Deanna have two Vettes in rebuilding stages, Ken & Judy were out of town, Greg & Marci couldn’t make it, Greg had a Drs. appointment (hope all is well) and our newest Grandmother, Elesix, is being visited by the baby so her and Jim had to miss out also.

It was a fine turnout and I’m sure we are all looking forward to our next excursion.

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers
Volusia County Corvette Association

August 12, 2014

At this week’s (12 Aug) Business Meeting Jim was presented with an Outstanding Service Award. Congrats Jim, it’s high time you were recognized for doing so much for the club. KUDOS!!!!!

April 2014

Please check out the Volusia County Corvette Association Newsletter for April 2014!

December 13, 2013

Greetings to Y’all,

Mike, Ray, Chris and I delivered the check for $350.00 to the Family Book store Wednesday afternoon. As you may, or may not, know they send books to servicemen at their expense and the government offers NO help with the postage. They informed us that they are now concentrating their efforts to service men recuperating in hospitals stateside. They try to send 7 to 10 boxes twice per month. These boxes are about 14X14X14 and aren’t light or cheap. They were most appreciative and I’m sure we will again receive a thank you from them.

Chris and I continued our "Journey of Giving" down the road to the Neighborhood Center where we delivered yet another $350.00 check. To say they were pleased would be an understatement. We were not able to speak with the Director as she was not in at the time.

Our next stop was the Big Lot’s on Enterprise where we asked to speak to the Manager. I told him the V.C.C.A. was purchasing toys for "Toys for Tots". This is one of their favorite causes and he gave us a 15% discount on everything we bought. This allowed us to buy approx. $455.00 worth of toys for $368.00. We ended up with 5 HUGE bags plus a few smaller ones which we delivered to the Red Roof Cafe.

While at the Cafe we talked to two gentlemen who are in charge of collecting the toys. He informed me that if we mention the American Legion when paying your bill write it on the back, they put it in an envelope and donate 10% of your total (before taxes) to them. Chris and I had a bite to eat and that’s just what they did. So let’s keep this in mind when we eat there.

I want to thank everyone who helped us to help others. As you know, that was the basis for founding this club and why we spend so very, very little on ourselves. Whether you donated cash, toys, food, time & effort, bought 50/50 tickets or carried dignitaries in your Vettes for parades, a big thanks to all of you.

It is now time to pass the gavel on to the newest President of the Volusia County Corvette Association...Mike Bruck and his Board of Directors for another great year. Please join with me in wishing them at least as good if not an even better term in office as I have had. And thank you for allowing me to serve as your President. One last time...

Keep the Vettes Rollin’
Chuck Powers, President (ret.)
Volusia County Corvette Association

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